Public Speaking

I do a good deal of public speaking to community and professional groups on a variety of topics based loosely around the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East and the historiography of the archaeologists who have worked in the region. Some of my most popular talks include: “Agatha Christie and Archaeology”, “Adventures of a Female Archaeologist Abroad”, “Digger, Teacher, Soldier, Spy” and “The Dawn of Writing”.

I am an engaging, lively, and fun speaker and would be happy to come and talk to your group.  All my topics are illustrated with slides and last about an hour with time for questions and discussion at the end.  For possible dates and costs please contact me at

Many of my lectures are for private groups, but I will post upcoming dates here that are open to the general public. I will update this list as new dates become available. Please contact these organizations regarding tickets, times, and locations.

I am also thrilled to announce that I have been invited to be a Kershaw Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology by the Archaeological Institute of America for the 2020/2021 lecture season. COVID has obviously meant that these lectures are now virtual which means that they are available to a wider audience. Please see the AIA’s website for links to these talks.

  • January 27 – AIA Atlanta, Georgia – Digger, Teacher, Soldier, Spy
  • February 24 – AIA Central Texas – TBA
  • February 25 – AIA Central Arizona – Digger, Teacher, Soldier, Spy
  • April 21 – AIA Rhode Island – The Art of War: Proof or Propaganda
  • May 12 – Ajax Seniors Without Walls – Adventures of a Female Archaeologist Abroad

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