With a PhD in the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, I now find my time divided between museum work and academic teaching. My focus is on forming a strong and lasting bond between museums and their communities to further life-long education. The goal of all educational environments should be to provide knowledge, challenge thinking, present diverse viewpoints, but above all, to be engaging!

Please view the separate pages on my Museum, Archaeology, and Public Speaking experience.

I love being a mentor to enthusiastic, keen, passionate, emerging museum professionals both in the classroom and in the field.

When not involved in academic pursuits, I am lucky to spend my time with my family, my husband and two wonderful daughters, all of whom have long gotten used to being dragged around museums and archaeological sites the world over.

Wondering why my website is “quarrywood”? Quarrywood was the name of my family’s cottage up on Georgian Bay. Four generations of Barrons spent their summers there, a throwback to a bygone age of 1920s Canadian cottage life. While Quarrywood exists no more, it lives on in my heart, my love for rocks and trees and water, and my passion for our collective past.

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